IUI Cost in Dubai

IUI Cost in Dubai: Find Your Fertility Solution with Our Affordable Packages

Are you thinking about a journey of experiencing parenthood in Dubai? Then finding the right treatment and the costs associated with that treatment can be the most important step. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a treatment for experiencing parenthood in Dubai.

It is one of the most popular infertility treatments in Dubai that helps several couples to get a healthy baby in their laps or hands. Today’s article is all about the IUI treatment, its procedure, cost factors, and other factors related to IUI. With the help of this article, we will explore the IUI cost in Dubai. So before delaying let’s start the article!

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IUI (Intrauterine insemination)

IUI is one of the most popular assisted reproductive techniques that is available in Dubai. The IUI technique stands for intrauterine insemination in which sperm is directly placed into a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. IUI is an affordable treatment as compared to other fertility treatments.

However, the treatment has low success rates. This treatment is mostly used to treat the male infertility of the male partner. It is also used when the patient uses the donor sperm. The treatment of IUI can be useful for a single woman who wants a child. They can use the donor sperm and through IUI techniques, the sperm is directly injected into the uterus to conceive the pregnancy.  

How does the procedure of IUI work in Dubai?

The procedure of IUI includes the following steps in Dubai:

Sperm collection: the sperm is collected from the male partner or donor. The collection can be done in many ways:

  • Through vibratory stimulation
  • masturbating the sterile container
  • extracting the uterine sample in the lab

Washing the sperm sample: in this stage, the seminal fluid is removed from the sperm sample. The removal of seminal fluid is required as it can cause cramping in the female partner. This stage is done in 1 to 2 hours.

Insertion of sperm: the healthcare provider inserts the thin catheter into the uterus through the cervix. After that, they slowly inject the sperm sample. This stage takes a few minutes.

Who needs IUI treatments?

Individuals with the following issues may need IUI treatment in Dubai: 

  • Couples trying to conceive for at least 1 year
  • Male partner with low sperm count
  • Females with scar tissue in the cervix
  • Couples having the issue of unexplained infertility
  • Couples with ejaculation dysfunction

IUI cost in Dubai

IUI is an infertility treatment used to treat patients with issues such as cervical problems, unexplained infertility, ejaculatory issues, etc. The IUI procedure is less expensive as compared to IVF. The cost of IUI in Dubai ranges from 1836 to 3000 AED. this range of cost in USD is approx $500 to $800. The cost of IUI in Dubai may vary on several factors including the medications, type of procedures, location of the centre, additional tests that may be required, etc.  In comparison to other countries, the cost of IUI in Dubai is affordable. The countries like Turkey, and Thailand, the costs are high.

Mentioned below is the table of tests included in IUI:

IUI Tests in DubaiIUI tests cost in Dubai (USD)
Hormone level test100 to 150 USD
Semen analysis test90 to 200 USD
Infectious disease test100 to 280 USD
Ultrasound testUp to 100 USD
Ovulation monitoringUp to 110 USD

Country-wise comparison of the IUI cost in Dubai

CountriesCost of IUI (USD)
UAE$500 to $800
India$180 to $250
Thailand$500 to $1000
Turkey$900 to $1000
Kenya$650 to $900

IUI Cost in Dubai
IUI Cost in Dubai

Cities-wise comparison of the IUI cost in Dubai, UAE

Surrogacy in Dubai, UAECost of surrogacy in Dubai, UAE (AED)
IUI cost in Dubai1836 to 3000
IUI cost in Abu Dhabi1800 to 3000
IUI cost in Sharjah2000 to 2800
IUI cost in AI Ain2009 to 3000
IUI cost in Ajman1800 to 3000
IUI cost in Ras AI Khaimah1800 to 2902
IUI cost in Fujairah1700 to 2700
IUI cost in Umm AI Quwain1800 to 2800
IUI cost in Madinat Zayed2000 to 3000
IUI cost in Ruwais2000 to 2600
IUI cost in Gayathi1900 to 2500
IUI cost in Jebel Ali1800 to 2800
IUI cost in Kalba1900 to 2896
IUI cost in Dibba AI Fujairah  1900 to 3000
IUI cost in Hatta1805 to 3000

What factors can influence the cost of IUI in Dubai?

The mentioned below following factors can influence the cost of IUI in Dubai:

Reputation and location of the clinic: the clinic’s reputation and location can influence the cost of IUI as the highly reputed clinics charge more as compared to other fertility clinics. Moreover, if the location of the clinic is too far from your residence then it can increase the traveling expenses, increasing the cost of IUI.

Medications: different patients require different types of medications and drugs according to their cases and conditions. In IUI, the medications are needed for ovarian stimulation and other aspects of IUI treatment depending on the individual’s dosages.

Additional services: the additional services can also influence the cost of the IUI in Dubai. The additional services included consultation and psychiatric support during the procedure.

Diagnostic tests: before starting the procedure of surrogacy, the diagnostic tests are performed to examine the reproductive organs of the partners. This stage also increases the cost of IUI in Dubai.

Why choose the Fertility Centre Dubai?

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With the help of our cutting-edge technologies and treatment and most importantly personalized approach, we have achieved high success rates in IUI and other fertility treatments. We helped several couples in achieving the pregnancy and still, we are dedicated to helping couples achieve their pregnancy.

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In conclusion, starting the quest for the IUI procedure is a deeply felt and challenging decision for infertile couples. The treatment helps the individual to treat their infertility and can bring a biological child to their home. The IUI procedure involves an injection of sperm into the uterus to facilitate fertilization.

In Dubai, the IUI treatment is legal for both married and unmarried couples. Its cost is affordable and reasonable. The IUI cost in Dubai is less as compared to other fertility treatment provider countries. At Fertility Centre Dubai, the individual can avail of both the facilities that are affordability and the best quality.


Is IUI 100% successful treatment in Dubai?

The IUI treatment is not 100% successful in Dubai but it has a success rate that can range up to 75%. The success rate of IUI may vary on the number of IUI cycles and the cause of infertility.

How painful is an IUI in Dubai?

The IUI treatment is less invasive and most patients don’t require anesthesia or pain medication. However, the patients may experience little cramps and slight pinch experience when the catheter is passed through the cervix into the vagina.

What is the cost of IUI in Dubai?

The cost of IUI in Dubai may depend on several factors including the cause of infertility, the location of the centre, the reputation of the centre, diagnostic tests, etc. On average, the cost of IUI in Dubai ranges from 1800 to 3000 AED.

What is the success rate of IUI in Dubai?

The success rate of IUI in Dubai may vary on many factors including the cause of infertility, age, sperm quality, expertise of doctors, etc. On average, the success rate ranges from 75 to 80% in Dubai.

Which fertility centre is best for IUI treatment in Dubai?

Fertility Centre Dubai is the best for IUI treatment in Dubai. It is one of the leading fertility clinics in Dubai that is dedicated to offering the best quality treatment at affordable prices.

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